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The Mission Statement

Welcome, to the balance between Ancient Medicine and Modern Science! If it doesn't come from the earth, from the sky, or created within, we do not share it with you and we do not share it with the world. You deserve to learn the true information and practices to actually help you heal, integrate and evolve, not keep you the same! We provide new ways of thinking that lead to greater states of feeling, and higher levels of being. We are committed to helping the world become a better place, one human being at a time. It starts with me. It starts with you. It starts with us. Let's get to work!

Hi, I'm Dr. Evan Johnson -

Dr. Evan Johnson is an author, public speaker, Founder & CEO of The School of Utopian Medicine. He has dedicated his life to optimal health and what is possible for the human mind, body & spirit. From being a two-sport college athlete, a nomad, and standing on stages in front of thousands of people, Dr. Evan provides a very unique experience of life & optimal health. Dr. Evan battled homelessness, many different mental health conditions, and being completely lost in his mission for life.

Now, he is a futurist, social activist, and visionary who is here to help the world rewrite what is possible from the inside out. Dr. Evan will help you find new ways of thinking, greater states of feeling, and higher states of being. His work is an inspiration, on the forefront of healthcare, epigenetics, the humanitarian movement, and self-development. He provides an abstract & scientific view of the inner world of life and how it relates to the outer world of life.

New Ways of Thinking

You made it.

If you truly want to heal and create something new, then you must think in new ways. Whether you want to heal, develop a new career or find a new relationship, the answers are inside of you! They always have been and they always will be.

Greater States of Feeling

The answers are inside of you.

You can feel it, right here & right now! The first time someone truly feels the change they want to create, the body shows up in a new way and sends a new signal to the brain. If you show up as the future version of you, healed, loved, and grateful, it's only a matter of time until you are! The field responds to who you are being.

Higher States of Being

Let's go find them.

The more you can integrate these feelings into every cell of your body, the more it becomes your true state of being. Day by day, the healing and creation will show up from the inside out. & then all of a sudden, you are living your desired future!

The Vision Statement

We are here to guide you in your journey of optimal health & well-being! We provide concepts that keep you open & free, giving you the ability to choose which medicine works best for you. We are here to facilitate but in the end, you will make the final decision. A world of Utopian Medicine is a world of peace, love & unity for all people. Ancestral healing, immediate evolutionary advancements, and a whole new system of health & well-being.

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The answers are inside of you! Let's go find them.

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